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Akashic Records - Akashic Record
The Akashic Record is based on the belief that everything that happens in the world is imprinted on the Akasa which is:

an unseen substance which is all around us all and present in every atom of this world and of the universe. This substance is capable of being impressed by the images, thoughts, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings of what it comes into contact with, and because it is in contact with everything, everything is recorded. It is like having a multi-sensory photograph or holograph being constantly taken and kept on file.

The quote is taken from this explanatory page by Akashic consultant Alison King (Click here to visit Alison’s website).

If you have the ability to access these records, then it is possible to see, hear, feel, touch, and even taste what has gone before. Having that ability is a rare thing, but it exists. To use an analogy, I suppose it is like an Olympic athlete. Anyone can be trained to run faster than they do at the moment, but not everyone is going to wind up in the final of the 100 metres at the Olympic Games. Even with all the training and determination in the world, unless you have the right kind of fast-twitch muscle, you’re not going to get there. My friend and colleague Alison King has that fast-twitch muscle, except in her case it is an ability to tune into the past and see it as it was.

I have known Alison since we met as young mothers at a social contact group for women at home with small babies. We struck up a rapport and we would meet at each other’s houses. While the children played, we set the world to rights over coffee and biscuits. At the time, I was an unpublished hobby writer and Alison was sensitve to energies (I don’t like saying psychic because it immediately makes people grimace and think you’re off your trolly!). She could see auras and sense energies of which other people were unaware. As we moved on, my career as a published writer took off and Alison developed her own abilities in complementary therapies, training as a master practitioner in Reiki and NLP.

Akashic consultant Alison King assists Elizabeth Chadwick with her research
The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick
One day as we sat having our usual coffee, Alison asked me how the writing was coming along. I was about three quarters of the way through the rough draft of The Greatest Knight and said I was having trouble finding the mistress of William Marshal’s older brother John. Alison asked me if I’d like her to try and find this lady.

She’d been doing some therapies for clients where she had gone back in time to tune into events involving people who were no longer alive, and had had some success with it. If she could go back 20 years, then why not 800?

I’m a healthy sceptic but I also have an open mind. So I said go for it. What came through was so astonishing in the detail that I knew that here was a resource I just had to use. From that point, we went on to commence dedicated sessions and I put the matter on a professional footing. We still meet up for coffee and ordinary chats, but as the need arises, we will do an Akashic session. I will ask Alison to go to a particular person at a certain incident in their lives or at a certain date, and place and she will access them. She gets their physical feelings, their thoughts and a whole range of sensory details. She can ‘zoom in’ and pull back, which is fortunate since sometimes she is accessing situations such as moments of child-birth or illness or anger and it can get pretty uncomfortable (on the plus side there is love and laughter and pleasure too).

I don’t take what she accesses on trust. One has to be aware that Alison’s subconscious might be butting in, even though she has no interest in medieval history. She is very aware of this herself and does her best to only go with what she feels is genuinely coming from elsewhere. I have the work looked at by an academic with a doctorate in Medieval history and a particular interest in the culture of the 12th and 13th centuries. I also have the details checked by people with skills in genealogy and medieval studies. I am told that what is coming through is medieval mindset, not modern. Below, I have cut and pasted a couple of examples of sessions from my growing pile of research data – almost 250,000 words thus far and still growing.

I use the Akashic records as the flash of gold in my research braid. It tells me how the characters really felt about the situations they were in. It tells me what they were really like in both physical, cerebral and emotional characteristics. Even if I still have to craft imaginary scenes and dialogue in order to tell their stories as a cohesive novel, I feel that the Akashic Record enables me to tell that story with an insight I wouldn’t otherwise have, and with integrity. It’s a precious resource, but I use it in tandem with the others above mentioned and I check the details wherever possible.

Further reading

In addition to the Akashic blogs dedicated to my novel To Defy A King and my work on Eleanor of Aquitaine, further examples of Akashic sessions from my Living the History blog are listed below. I have also included a couple of pieces from sessions that I used to craft scenes in A Place Beyond Courage, available to read in Word or PDF format. Likewise for a piece about where John Marshal’s castle at Newbury may well have been (also available in Word or PDF format)…. I’m convinced anyway!

A blog post I wrote for The History Girls about how I use the Akashic Records to write my novels.

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Click here to visit my blog dedicated to my Akashic sessions with Alison whilst researching this novel and here is a YouTube clip from the novel.

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