Autumn Throne


I am thrilled to reveal to you, fresh from the designer’s desk, the UK hardcover for THE AUTUMN THRONE,  the concluding part of my trilogy about Alienor of Aquitaine.  I absolutely LOVE the sumptuous autumnal colours and the rich feel they give to the jacket.  I think the subtle background design is fabulous too.  It reminds me very much of some engraving I saw on armour designs at the Tower of London recently.  It also evokes the designs of damask silk where pattern and nuance are present but in an understated way that still serves to enhance the whole.  I am delighted with its gorgeousness!

Here’s a rough draft of the synopsis blurb.

Imprisoned by her husband, King Henry II,  separated from her children, Alienor of Aquitaine, Queen of England, refuses to let her powerful husband bully her into submission and push her even further to the edge.  Freed only by Henry’s death, Alienor becomes dowager Queen of England, but the competition for land and power that Henry bred among his sons has intensified to a dangerous rivalry. Alienor will need every ounce of courage and fortitude as she crosses the Alps in winter to bring Richard his bride, ransom him from imprisonment and deal with his brother John’s treachery. Her indomitable spirit will be tested to its limits as she attempts to keep the peace between her warring sons, fend off enemies, and negotiate a magnificent future for a chosen granddaughter.

Publishing September 1st in the UK.

(US Readers have an October publication.  No cover as yet).





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