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The Winner’s Choice Monthly Book Draw


I have a permanently open monthly  prize draw to win a signed copy of one of my novels –   the winner’s choice.   There are 3 categories for the draw. The UK, the US, and Rest of the World. To go on the permanent list just send an email to  stating which draw you want to enter i.e. US, UK or Rest of the World and I will add you.  On the last day of every month I will go to the list and assign every entry a number and then put those numbers through a random number generator.  I’ll then check to see who’s number has come up.

This seems the fairest way to do it.  I wish everyone could win – and given the fullness of time all entries will do so, but it is just the luck of the draw how soon!

Just for information, I keep names and e-mails purely for the draw and they are not shared beyond the monthly announcement!

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