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TEMPLAR SILKS will be published in UK hardcover and electronic format on March 1st 2017.  It tells the story of William Marshal’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land between 1183-1186 and explores how its affect on him played its part in making him the great man he became.  The silks of the title are William’s burial shrouds that he brought back from the Holy Land and concealed from everyone until he was dying.  This is the story of the road that led him to those shrouds – from the robbing of a shrine and the tragedy of a life cut short, to a perilous journey and the deadly danger of murky politics and sexual favours at the high court of Jerusalem, where no one can be trusted and where love and honour are bought and sold, bartered and betrayed. William is tested to his limit and his experiences will remain with him for the rest of his life, and change him forever.
Click on the book cover to read the opening chapters.


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The Coming Of The wolf

My First published novel was titled THE WILD HUNT. You can read an extract here. However, it has an unpublished prequel that has never seen the light of day – THE COMING OF THE WOLF. It tells the story of how the parents of Guyon FitzMiles, hero of THE WILD HUNT got together and the struggles they faced during the early years following the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Christen is a very new English widow (not the result of Hastings) and he is a scout for William of Normandy and of mingled Cambro-Norman blood. Set on the Welsh borders there is plenty of scope for ‘interesting times.’ The novel still needs a great deal of work, but I have transferred it from ring binder to PC and refined the early chapters. Here are the first three.  As and when I get time, I shall rework the others and add further episodes.  Click on the ‘book cover’ to go to the pages.  I hope you enjoy!








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