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Lords of the White Castle


Based on a remarkable true story of honour, treachery and love spanning the turbulent reigns of four great Mediaeval kings. Award-winning author Elizabeth Chadwick brings the thirteenth century vividly to life in the tale of Fulke FitzWarin. From inexperienced young courtier to powerful Marcher lord, from loyal knight to dangerous outlaw, from lover of many women to faithful husband, Fulke’s life story bursts across the page in authentic detail. A violent quarrel with Prince John, later King John, disrupts Fulke’s life ambition to become ‘Lord of the White Castle’ and leads him to rebel.

There are perils for John at every turn. No less dramatic is the dangerous love that Fulke harbours for Maude Walter, a wealthy widow whom John wants for himself. Negotiating a maze of deceit, treachery and shifting political alliances Fulke’s striving is rewarded, but success is precarious. Personal tragedy follows the turbulence of the Magna Carta rebellion, culminating in the destruction of everything for which Fulke has fought. Yet even among the ashes he finds a reason to begin anew.

Lords of the White Castle was shortlisted for the Parker Romantic Novel of the Year Award in 2000. The novel links to Shadows and Strongholds, which is a prequel.

The Outlaw Knight

The Outlaw Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick - the US title for Lords of the White Castle
My USA publisher Sourcebooks have published Lords of the White Castle as the Outlaw Knight to avoid any confusion with the White Castle hamburger chain!

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